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Why is HAZMAT training important?

Hazardous Materials handling training is important to everyone involve in receiving, storing, and shipping of hazardous materials. Asides being a requirement by domestic and international laws, hazmat training provides employees, personnel and those that are responsible for preparing, handling and transporting hazmat shipments with the necessary knowledge to safely transport hazardous materials.

Laws and regulatory guidelines for transporting hazmat shipments by air, surface and ocean are designed to promote safe handling and transport of shipments. These laws and regulations are updated annually by their respective competent authorities and it is important for all parties involved to be aware of the most current laws and regulations available.

This is where the Hazardous Materials and Defensive Driving Institute Ltd. (Hmdd institute) training curriculum comes in. Our training courses are designed for people that physically handle hazardous materials, providing them with the knowledge necessary to do their job function efficiently, responsibly and most important, safely. Our training includes laws and regulations for receiving, storing, and shipping of hazardous materials.

We prepare participants on:

How to identify hazardous materials?

How to handle hazardous materials?

How to prepare shipping documents?

How to placard said hazardous materials on goods?

How to deliver hazardous materials safely?

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • HazMat Awareness
  • HazMat Trainings
  • HazMat Operations
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Ministry / Department of Transportation HazMat
  • Dangerous Goods Training
  • Global Sanitation and Harmonization